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Health & Safety Software

Our health and safety software enables businesses to track worker training qualifications, receive renewal notifications, book training courses at exclusive rates and more. We provide a full data management service for all your health, safety and training requirements.

Health & Safety Software for the Construction Industry

Our health and safety software is the perfect solution for construction businesses looking to manage health, safety, plant training and qualifications for their workers. With the complexity of health and safety in the industry, the qualifications required for workers have never been more abundant. Whilst this is a necessary requirement to ensure your workers get home safely, managing and tracking this data presents a challenge in itself. That’s where we come in..

Take the hassle out of tracking and managing your workers qualifications. Our portal offers a simple, intuitive and secure way for you to upload qualifications, certifications and expiration dates so you know exactly what each worker has in place.

Manage Workers

Add, edit and manage your workers quickly and easily

As construction sites are dynamic and constantly changing, and with workers being regularly rotated around projects, its challenging to get the right documents to the right people.

By using our portal your team will have access to your worker records, from anywhere in the world, anytime you need them. This way, you can send them to the key decision makers and win the contracts whilst your competitors are still searching!

Track Qualifications

Add worker qualifications and store documentation

Keeping track of qualifications is one of the most frustrating areas of the industry, you know your workers can do the job, but how do you prove that?

By uploading qualifications to the portal, all your employees training certificates are in the same place, categorized and formatted in a way to access them whenever you may need. No longer pay fees to providers for replacement certificates or cards – they’re at your fingertips whenever you need them.

Get Renewal Reminders

Receive fully automated reminders for qualification renewals

With so many different qualifications, course durations, expiry dates and renewal processes, finding the right course can be challenging and keeping the qualification in date can be equally as challenging.

Our portal makes it easy for you to identify the steps that need to be taken to keep your workers health and safety compliant. We’ll also email reminders directly to your inbox and provide you with exclusive renewal quotes from our partner providers.


CT Portal

Price Per Worker
£ 1
Monthly (ex vat)
  • Unlimited Qualifications
  • Expiry Notifications
  • Renewal Instructions
  • Unlimited Support

About Us

The idea for Cnstruction Tech was concieved in late 2017 when Matt Durant, founder of BAM Construction Training, approached his friend Karim Salama, founder of E-Innovate, for a technical solution that would reduce the time it took to manage administrative tasks in his construction training business.

After some initial market research, it became apparent that there was huge demand from industry for a digital solution that would enable companies to improve efficiency and organise their employee data more effectively.

Fast forward to 2019, Cnstruction Tech is a fully operational management system which enables companies to manage their training records securely and remotely. Through consistent market research and development, we have a range of features in development aimed at enhancing and further improving the users experience, which we aim to release in the near future.


Our goal is to take the admin away from companies and individuals by using technology to reduce time spent organising and improve quality of life for those we work with. We pledge to invest heavily in software to continually develop innovate solutions to help our supporters save time and improve efficiency.


Our mission is to make life easier for people working in and around the construction industry. We want to help people working on site to concentrate on what they do best; bricklaying, roofing, cladding, groundworks, operating machinery etc.

As time goes on, the amount of paperwork increases especially that of training, we aim to reduce the admin that goes with it to allow companies and individuals to get on with the real work.
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